5 Pink Interior Design Ideas for the Home

Pink is closely associated with girly styles and vintage themes. But we rarely see it in more moderns situations and themes. Fortunately, we’re here to share plenty of pink interior design ideas and inspiration involving this beautiful hue. From accents to foundations, making pink look contemporary and chic really isn’t too hard. The great thing about this color is that it can be used anywhere in the home.  I am talking from furniture to pillows to accent walls.  It takes come creative vision to see it, but it is possible.  Remember that each room needs a little color so pink can be introduced tastefully.  Also, pink can move beyond a girl’s room and be used in other areas of the house.  One thing for sure is that it’s a statement color anytime it’s used in a home.  Let’s take a peek at these 5 pink interior design ideas for the home!

Pink Interior Design Ideas for the Home

Just a pop of hot pink turns this clean and crisp space into a super stylish and fashion-forward getaway. It’s also light and bright with a youthful, contemporary appeal. Don’t you just love that light fixture, which combines the breakfast nook to the kitchen with such ease?

Modern Pink Home Office

I’m completely smitten with this beautiful home office. The deep pink brings out a rich and luxurious feel to the room. And we’re all gushing over how the pink takes center stage to the decor of the room. Even pink can be chic and super contemporary, and this is proof!

Modern Pink Bedroom

Even your little one’s bedroom can have a touch of contemporary flair. You just have to make sure you’re adding the right pieces in the right places. Smooth lines and modern touches make even the more bubblegum pink space look a little more sassy and fashion-forward.

Modern Pink Bathroom

Just like the kitchen we saw previously, this bathroom knew how to accent with pink! With ease and a lot of personality, this bathroom is fit for a queen with modern styling. A white, neutral foundation makes this cabinetry incredibly refined and incredibly gorgeous.

Modern Pink Bedroom

Even if you have a small space, whether in a dorm room or an apartment, your styling might have to come from artistic choices and not lots of furniture pieces. If you’re inspired by pink but want to keep a modern vibe to your room, try using it in a geometric inspired way. Like this wall for example, whether painted or decals it certainly adds a certain about of contemporary charm.

all photos via Houzz