Make Your Space: Millimetrica Walk-in Closet by Misura Emme

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Streamline your morning routine and build a closet that leaves you feeling refreshed and organized instead of chaotic and crowded.  The Millimetrica walk-in closet from designers CRS Misuraemme & Ennio Arosio at Misura Emme was created expressly to foster a complete environment entirely dedicated to the closet part of your daily living space, no matter what the size.  The minimalist, Asian influence in the crisp, geometric lines is unmistakable.  Thanks to the sleek and simple outlines, the Millimetrica will fit into any design scheme with its bold architectural elements and calming presence.


Millimetrica Walk-in Closet by Misura Emme

modern chest of drawers design


Whether you need just a dressing chest or an entire floor plan of wall and floor components, the Millimetrica Walk-in Closet by Misura Emme is customizable down to the last detail.  On a large scale, you control the overall layout and the amount of space dedicated to hanging rods, shelves, and drawers as your personal wardrobe requires.  In a more unique way, you can finally create specific spaces for your important items that you want to keep organized by selecting the size of the drawers or the height of each shelf so that every single item has a place that’s just right.


walk in closet by MisuraEmme


When you’re finished, the Millimetrica will be more than just a closet storage space; it will be an environment with its own custom style and soothing presence.  The Millimetrica walk-in closet solutions can be used beyond the master bedroom for organization anywhere in the home.  Won’t it be nice to have everything at your fingertips?

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