Majestic, Worn and Weathered: The Winchester Armchair

Shabby chic with a medieval twist describes the Winchester armchair. An innovative mesh of ancient and modern design, this piece is completely unique.  Manufactured by Zuo Modern, this shaggy denim seat takes the cake in terms of eclectic lounge furniture design.


Majestic, Worn and Weathered: The Winchester Armchair

Winchester jeans Chair


The design and idea of the Winchester armchair from Zuo Modern is one hundred percent genius. It is creativity to the max. Where else can you find a piece whose design has been inspired by ancient medieval architecture yet showcases flares of contemporary design elements? Upholstered in soft, worn denim it lacks nothing in terms of eye appeal and interest.

What’s more, the Winchester Armchair does not sacrifice its function or comfort. Regal and almost throne-like, the high back and deep seat make this armchair one that you can definitely sink right into. Wingback elements add to the Winchester Armchair’s charm and comfort by engulfing you in its grip.


unusual denim accent seat

contemporary seating solutions


Sturdy and solid, the base of the Winchester armchair is constructed of 100% chrome. This element adds to the seat’s modern flare and contemporary appeal. Chrome and denim mixed with ancient architecture makes this a rare find.

Working perfectly placed behind a desk or even standing alone in a casual contemporary living room, the Winchester Armchair is versatile in its use and flexible in its design. A definite must have for any eclectic interior space, the design will continue to amaze. So take a look and a load off, and have a seat in the one-of-a-kind Winchester Armchair!

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