Rossato storage solutions

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The Tuxedo Cabinet from Rossato is an exclusive piece of furniture designed for anyone who wants to decorate the interior of their home using an original, stylish and unique piece.
With its highly innovative design, open at the top and closed on the bottom area, the Tuxedo Cabinet is an extremely elegant object with a dual purpose: can be used as a display cabinet, but also transformed into a writing desk when needed. This two in one luxury piece of furniture is the first step to creating an inspirational interior.

tuxedo cabinet by rossato

The manufacturing process of Rossato furniture was always based on the union of two fundamental principles: craftsmanship and automation. Every single element of the Tuxedo cabinet, same as every other Rossato project, requires both detailed machining and manual operations: from inlaying to crown molding, from shaping to thermo-forming, from painting and application of resins on any surface to the plating and welding of metals.

Rossato storage solutions

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The impeccable aesthetics of the Tuxedo storage unit are enhanced with the intensity of the carefully crafted hardwood and the elegance of the metallic finishes of the shelves. Exquisitely crafted, this amazing cabinet is partly hand finished and is a piece created to demonstrate once again the quality and style of the Rossato furniture. The clean, straight lines of the design will create this simply styled combination of revealed and concealed storage furniture that will set you back around $13.000.

contemporary display cabinet design
Proven to be the right piece for a modernist and functional room layout, this storage unit is perfect to hide objects you do not use and display and exalt collectibles, small sculptures, souvenirs, vases or valuable books.
The Tuxedo cabinets are perfect to furnish your living room, conference room, kitchen or dining room as well as your office space, its contemporary design offer it an almost limitless range of uses in any type of space, public or private.

livingroom furniture design by rossato