When is a sofa more than just a sofa?  When it is the Plat Sectional from Arketipo.  Sectionals come in all shapes and sizes, but only the Plat offers all the flexibility of configuration and so much more.  From a functional standpoint, the multi-tasking, space-saving innovation revolutionizes living room design.  The platform elements, which can extend from the sides or back, add functions that no sofa had before: shelving, storage, and table space all designed right into the sectional elements.  The trays and bookshelves are constructed from either polished stainless steel or tempered glass.


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Plat Sectional from Arketipo

low profile Sectional sofa


Designed by Manzoni e Tapinassi, the Plat’s sleek lines keep the sectional low profile and contemporary even with the added features that make it so unique.  There is a wide range of sofa units to choose from: single-arm, armless, flat, poufs, and more to create your shape.  The Plat Sectional by Arketipo, is truly a lifestyle piece, because its design contains so many different functions to host your life the way you live it.  From seating to storage, the Plat offers functionality on a whole new level beyond pure shape alone.  Just as much thought and care goes into the sofa portion of the Plat as the creative storage pieces.


sectional couch with storage

livingroom seating furniture


The seat and back cushions are ergonomically engineered and filled with a goose down and foam blend for a softness balanced with durability.  The Plat forever changed living room design by efficiently adapting to your lifestyle so you can have space to enjoy your home.  Are you rethinking what you knew about sofas yet?