Lovely Day is the new modern day bed that was among the protagonists of the Euromobil Group stand at the International Furniture Show 2017. Created by designer Marc Sadler for Desiree this center-style sofa is designed for the day’s fun, but also for a romantic tête à tête.contemporary relaxation furnitureThe Austrian born, French designer Marc Sadler is a four times winner of the Compasso d’Oro Award and it is known as a truly eclectic designer. He is constantly pushing the limits of conventional design with his purist philosophy and cutting edge technology. His Lovely Day is extremely flexible and is perfect for any kind of event. It is equipped with innovative, movable, self-supporting pillows able to create different angles and provide perfect comfort for any combination. The metal sculptural feet lift the sofa from the ground making it lightweight and boosting its floating look and contemporary aspect.

contemporary sectional sofa

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The real innovation of this modern day bed are the self-supporting cushions , which can be freely assembled to construct seating in many different styles. The secret of this flexibility sits in the patented system that is concealed inside the lining of the pillows and allows them to modify their position in various angles. This way, Lovely Day’s innovation is integrated into the sofa without affecting the aesthetics.

Lovely Day is the ideal solution for different types of ambiance. It is perfect for a good-time moment, in the center of a living room for a comfortable and elegant seat, or its has the ability to turn it into a bed. It can become a public area sofa simply by placing the backrest in the middle of the couch. This way it can accommodate more people on both sides, thanks to the reduced thickness of the pillows. One can also arrange the pillows in a Z shape, so it can be used by pairs, each with its own space. A dynamic and perfect sofa that does not lose its elegance and essence in any location.

Lovely Day sofa

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