There is no better way for self-expression in design than to use pieces that are as fluid and dynamic as your lifestyle and moods.  The Flexible Love extensible chair is a completely innovative concept based on unpretentious natural materials and a passion for creative and personal expression.  Made entirely from 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard and wood, the unique materials are eco-friendly, organically chic, and as full of possibility as a raw piece of clay in the hands of an artist.


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The Flexible Love Extensible Chair

expandable seating option


The adjustable shape can be opened, closed, flipped, and curved to seat anywhere from one to eight people in a home or office environment.  Whether you are in a small dorm relaxing by yourself or socializing in a large space, the Flexible Love chair becomes part of your story by adapting to the environment. The lines created by the accordion-like paper construction are endlessly fascinating, especially as you begin to explore the possible shape configurations from arcs to wedges.


unique and ingenious seat

Expandable seating


Flexible Love extensible chair by Flexible Love is your own personal creation with a casual, organic vibe suited to contemporary design that orients itself toward unexpected texture, materials, and forms.  Flexible Love is exciting and dynamic enough to match your personality even as your needs and tastes change, offering a seating solution that is always ready to contribute its functionality and great style.  When you want to explore design possibilities in an eco-friendly piece, Flexible Love is the fresh and inspiring new concept to let you dream big.  How will you create your seating environment with the Flexible Love chair?