Are you thinking of getting a unique chair that reflects your love for the environment? If you answered yes, consider getting the Anti-comfort chair from Riva 1920. This chair is made from reclaimed oak posts which serve as mooring poles in Venice, Italy. After being used as guide posts for about 5 to 10 years, the poles are usually discarded and replaced with new ones. Each of the poles has unique markings and colors obtained from the aquatic organisms and the lagoon water.


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Anti-Comfort Chair From Riva 1920

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Riva 1920 has developed a program to recycle these poles into functional objects. Anti-comfort is the brainchild of Andrea Branzi who designed it to show that comfort doesn’t necessarily signify ergonomics.  At times, you may be more comfortable sitting on a tree trunk or a stone than on a stuffed armchair. It all depends on your state of mind as to whether this type of seating would fit your lifestyle, or would you have it more for show?


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The Anti-comfort chair from Riva 1920 is as artistic as it is functional. It is manipulated within a white tubular steel structure which creates arm rests and provides support. You will love sitting on this chair and sharing its story with your family and friends. It will not only provide additional seating in your home, it will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living area. If you’re all about preserving the environment, the Anti-comfort chair gives you the perfect opportunity to indulge in your passion. You’ll appreciate the low impact it has on the environment as compared to other chairs. Whether you’re getting the chair for its distinctive look, to help conserve the environment, or for additional seating, you’ll enjoy having it in your home.


Is your love for nature going to shine through with the Anti-Comfort Chair?