Look a Little Closer: 10 Examples of Modern Window Film

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The more time we spend indoors as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop outside, the more comfortable we tend to get in our own skin… sleeping in on the weekends, lounging around in our PJs, spending quality time at home with the ones we love.  Particularly in homes where the neighbors are less than a stone’s throw away, privacy is key when it comes to feeling truly at home in one’s own living space.  So, when quarters are a little too close where the neighbors are concerned, an interesting alternative exists when we don’t want to keep the curtains drawn and the blinds closed all the time.   To that end, we’ve pulled together nine examples of modern window film and one breathtaking image of the effect custom glazing can have.  Often removable and therefore changeable and impermanent, window film offers creative options for letting the light shine in while shielding those inside a home from the nosy (yet surely well-intentioned) folks next door.  From botanical whimsy to full-on floor to ceiling patterns, there’s something for every aesthetic here, making our windows on the world just a bit more attractive while leaving a little something to the imagination too.

10 Examples of Modern Window Film


gold window film


patterned window film


stained glass ideas


modern window film


custom window film


classic window film


floral window films


pearlized windows


dotted window film

Several elements of this image series found at Emma Jeffs.

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