London Bridge, a Modern Sofa Murphy Bed by Flou

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The Italian furniture manufacturer, Flou, comes with an amazing composition in their latest space saving design concept: the London Bridge sofa Murphy bed. For more than a century, the wall beds or Murphy beds as they are better known have been adding extra value to small living spaces. You don’t have to think that nowadays designs are the same as the ones that used to accommodate you when you were visiting your grandma’ with your family.

Sofa Murphy Bed

Contemporary concepts offer a lot more then space saving! They offer functionality and appealing aspect. This is also the case of the sofa Murphy bed designed by Giulio Manzoni for Flou.
London Bridge is a transformable system consisting of a wall-unit with a large compartmentalized shelf, a two-seater sofa with completely removable fabric and a stowaway double-size bed. An interesting innovation behind this piece is that the system allows to open and close it without requiring you to empty it in the transition from one configuration to another.

Murphy Bed by Flou

This becomes the ideal solution for organizing small living rooms for multiple purposes: you can keep this as a living room or it can quickly transform into a guest room when needed, with a full sized double bed with a 20 centimeters thick, relaxing mattress. Being intended for many tastes, and specially for younger people, the collection has finishes that can be freely combined by choosing between a wide option of lacquered colors and scratch-resistant materials.
The wall unit is also equipped with a patented mechanism. This guarantees the perfect closure of the mobile-wall providing an exceptional dust protection and extra safety for the users of the sofa.
Flou is another Italian manufacturer that is distinguished by it innovative developments, stylish and useful concepts. But, probably above all, its distinguished by the quality materials used to create eye-catching details and luxurious finishes.

London Bridge wall bed

cool italian wall bed unit

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