stabord rulle sofa

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The Rulle sofa from Stabord is a piece of furniture that was created with the design tools of the modernism form, to reach the new social seating function. The metropolitan allure of the sofa is evidentiated by the circular shapes of the seat and backrest which stay on slim metallic feet with possible personalisation. Rulle is soft and welcoming, specially designed for social and public areas. This is a unique piece of furniture that fits perfectly in a hotel lobby or other public lounge. But with a price tag of around $20.000 , don’t expect to see it soon in your city hall or at your dentist’s cabinet.

stabord rulle sofa

A bold sofa which is not afraid of mixing up aesthetic genres, with a domestic elegance and an idea of the present as a fluid area between past and future. Part of the Rulle seating collection, it is a great spot to keep a conversation while waiting for your table in your favorite restaurant or wait for an important meeting.
Rulle sofa is upholstered in eco leather and it sits on a high polished metal structure, available in chrome, brass or copper. The additional side table works as a design detail itself, and it’s available with marble or wood tabletop finish. You can do any combination of the available materials according to your taste or project requirements.
A simple design with elegant proportions that draws attention and will certainly become a conversation reason between strangers, wherever its placed.modern sofa design ideas

Stabord is a luxury product design brand, comercialized world wide. The company is based in Porto with representation in Madrid and Palm Beach. Stabord’s contract department is specialized inhigh end designs and produces bespoke pieces for any environment. Their approach is to work closely with the clientelle and partners in order to produce outstanding pieces of furniture and surpass expectations.

the rulle sofa design