Amazing Compact Kitchen – Liquida Frame from Veneta Cucine

Compact Kitchens for Your Ideas

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This amazing compact kitchen, named Liquida Frame, impressed our editors in how Veneta Cucine was able to manufacture something so elegant and modern that is also affordable.

One complaint we get from readers is the high cost associated with replacing or updating a kitchen.  Some plans do not offer a significant return on investment unless the person plans on living in the space for fifteen or more years.

Most home improvement projects are based on the concept that money put into a property, will come out when the property is sold.  During the time living there, you get to enjoy the fruits of the investment in your everyday living.

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Liquida Frame from Veneta Cucine Compact Kitchen
A stunningly designed compact kitchen

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This picture really shows off the detailing that Veneta Cucine put into this model.  Notice the off white trim at the very bottom which serves to highlight the overall frame.  Black is a striking color here and I can totally see this working in a small flat or apartment.

The silver trim provides linear expressions that break up the overall size of the design and add more intriguing and visual elements.  I do like the pass-through appeal by having an overhang.  Imagine this in a building with high ceilings such as an old skyscraper.

This covering makes the overall look tighter and put together and not too open which could clash with the floor plan.


Amazing Compact Kitchen that is Affordable

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I found this angle so very helpful in properly sizing it up.  You can see the width is pretty narrow so if placed long ways, would not take up too much space.

I thought this an amazing compact kitchen design when you see the built-in lighting, sink and stovetop all perfectly arranged and allow plenty of space for food preparation.  There is also a great deal of flexibility with this concept.

It is feasible that it could be placed more in the center of a room and the room worked around it.  Imagine the dining and bedroom on one side and the living room on the other.   There are many possibilities which are such a great benefit.

There are other color choices if black is too strong or masculine so this can be crafted to really fit your personality and vision.