Liquid Engineering for the Modern kitchen

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The modern kitchen is full of technology these days, therefore its quite nice to find some kitchen appliances that even though they based in scientific instruments, no technology is required just a keen eye for something that looks nice while doing the job that is asked of it.
First of all there is the plant pot, this is ideal for someone who is going away, just fill the bottle up with water and the plant will still be alive upon your return its simple and yet so very effective.
The wine pourer is a brilliant piece of design that turns pouring a glass of wine into a piece of performance theater. This is the perfect center piece for a dinner party, although clearly this is limited to just four glasses at a time.
There is something about glass that creates a feeling of style and class in a room and in particular, the kitchen because it is clean and bright, but it has to be kept cleaned all of the time, otherwise it will end up looking dull and dated.

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