Lighted Patio Umbrella Is Great For Outdoor Parties 1
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Now that summers are here, chances are you are already planning some great outdoor sojourns that would guarantee laughter, good food, great wine and stumbling in the dark. Many of us are victims of poor outdoor lighting and I have lost count on how many times I dropped something on my dress all tripped because of insufficient lighting. The “Lighted Patio Umbrella” takes care of this problem beautifully as it consists of a very modish umbrella that has been equipped with a discreet LED system. Developed by Punt Mobles, the Po’light umbrella is water-proof and consists of two round tables. At least now you can actually see what hors d’ oeuvres your putting in your mouth.

Lighted Patio Umbrella
Lighted Patio Umbrella By Punt Mobles