Light Up Your Home with the Tress Light from Foscarini

Are you looking for ways to brighten up your living space? If you answered yes, it’s time to get the Tress Light from Foscarini. Boasting a unique yet enduring design, this lamp will adorn your living space for a long time to come. The lamp is the brainchild of Marc Sadler and is comprised of interwoven threads drowned in resin. It blends both traditional and futuristic elements; the threads give the light a traditional look that makes you think of baskets but also resemble ultra-modern modern materials such as carbon fiber.

The first time you see the Tress Light, you will think of delicate cut paper work. When the lamp is on, it gives off light through its asymmetric openings creating a brilliant interplay of shadow and light. You will love the way it diffuses light by creating ripples and glows producing a beautiful atmosphere that is unmatched in lighting décor.

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The Tress light from Foscarini is suitable for areas where a visually strong yet compact lamp is required. Thanks to its elongated silhouette, it can perfectly fit into the corners of any room or the space between an armchair and a sofa. Thin and slender, this lamp which resembles a tribal object and an exclamation mark has a suave yet strong graphic design. It is available in various sizes and comes in three colors; black, red, and white. Choose your favorite color according to your home’s theme and light up your world.

Which room in your home will brighten the best with the Tress Light?

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