“Light Light” Lamps Actually Levitate

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“Angela Jansen has reinvented the standard lamp,” proclaims the online storefront for the “Light Light” collection of Silhouette and Eclipse lamps by the aforementioned designer.  And it might actually be right; Jansen has used levitation technology to make an otherwise traditional lamp look like the top half of its shade is floating.  The reason for said appearance is simple: it is floating.  Its classic hand-crafted black or silver glass base looks like any other lamp, as does the drum-shaped shade of the Silhouette and the slightly tapered cylindrical shade of the Eclipse, but that’s where the normalcy ends.  According to Jansen, “electromagnetic components and a sophisticated control system” are responsible for the fact that the top part of the lamp actually levitates, and using very little power, at that.  The lamp includes a dimmer switch, allowing you to completely control the intensity of its glow.  No matter how low you turn the dial, though, there’s no dimming the wow factor.  The Silhouette is currently sold out, but the Eclipse is available through the Light Light shop on Goodsie for €980.00.   Its light intensity is 300 Lux, its power consumption 3W on standby (only levitation on), and 15W at full power with its LEDs fully on.



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