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We’ve shown you quite a few interesting chairs lately and we have even seen a chair that can help you exercise while at work. But what about a chair that truly knows how to help you take a break? Such an office furniture item is the Lay Flat office chair, which can be easily transformed into an improvised sleeping solution. Whether you’re working at home or you drive down to the same office building every day, we don’t encourage you to go to sleep when you should be working. But if you happen to pull long hours on a regular basis this Lay Flat office chair could be exactly what the doctor order. Pull it up, take a quick nap, and then either go home or do some more work! The Lay Flat office chair will cost you around $600 so maybe your direct superior won’t agree with this particular purchase. Oh, and if you do get it, remember it’s got wheels, so sleep carefully!

Lay Flat Office Chair 1.jpg
Lay Flat Office Chair 2.jpg

Lay Flat Office Chair 3.jpg
Lay Flat Office Chair 4.jpg

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