Kung Sauna Designs

Designed and built in Switzerland at Wadensill on Lake Zurich, the Kung saunas are truly amazing designs that combine highest quality craftmanship with the best materials available on the market.

With 30 years to back their experience, the contemporary style Kung saunas will provide the perfect place to reduce stress and relax without ever leaving the comfort of home.
Named by many as the world’s best saunas, these amazing pieces are built to offer a truly high class install to the home. Luxury finishes and innovative inserts are the main features of these Swiss saunas that are designed to provide a complete experience of well-being whilst remaining easy to use and maintain.

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The idea of healthy sweating is not a new thing or a Finnish thing, as you would probably expect. This first emerged in Asia more then 5000 years ago, and from there it started spreading to Europe and from there all around the World. It finally exploded in popularity after homes became bigger and sauna’s became smaller and companies such as Kung made them more affordable to the masses.

Kung’s designs are also built with energy efficiency in mind, helping to reduce costs and ensuring their Spa’s become a focal point of your home without having to think at the usage expenses. This is why they are the professional solution for small spa and facilities, but also for every kind of household room.

Designed specially for your home, they offer a decent place for relaxation after a long and hard day; and as any designer aware that various people have various needs, the Kung saunas come with hi tech or low tech features, various sizes and a very wide range of designs. It will be the perfect area to relax from the comfort of your own home. No matter how big or is the space you have available, you’ll be able to create a personal haven of wellbeing small with Kun’s fully customizable options.