Kitchen Cabinets and Island in Rebuilt 1921 House

When you see a picture you often get an image in your mind about where the image came from. The kitchen cabinets and island in this picture caught me by surprise. I first came by the picture before the story and saw what appeared as a very “current” design. I found out that this design was the end result of a recreation of a house that was built in New Jersey in 1921. The architect was Richard Bubnowski. The home owners wanted to create the original look on the outside of the home so they stuck to a craftsman style bungalow on a tiny lot that measured 40′ x 93′. I must say that I love this kitchen design and in particular the wood cabinets, island, and flooring. The finish in the kitchen is not too dark and not too light creating a great overall feel for an older styled home. It is even harder to imagine that the square footage in the home is 2,100 square feet and yet this kitchen looks so spacious.

kitchen cabinets and island