Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue after creating waves in the A&D continuum is experimenting with automobile design. His first attempt is a testament to his design prowess as it has the honor of being the world’s first and only bamboo and rattan car. Kenneth Cobonpue’s Phoenix won’t rise from the ashes but still impresses with its eco-friendly design. Made of bamboo, rattan, steel and carbon fibre, this incredible piece of craftsmanship took only ten days to build and the shape resembles a bird.The Phoenix bamboo and rattan car was shown at the “Imagination and Innovation” exhibit in Via Tortona in Milan and its engine is located at the rear where as the  LED rods have been incorporated in the rattan to emit light.
Says the designer:
“It’s a challenge. When you think about it, car building has been all about high technology, robots. But maybe you don’t need all that. It can be handmade. Cars outlive their purpose. How long do you keep a car? Five years or a little more? Then it goes to the junkyard.It is not environment-friendly. The cost of recycling (a car) is prohibitive. So why not build from a biodegradable material, the shell you can replace?”

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