JVC’s NX-PN7 Dual iPOD / iPHONE Docking Station

Iphone Ipod Docking Station

What are the chances of having an iPod and an iPhone or even two of each that need a place to charge at night, pretty good right. JVC has the solution, and the NX-PN7 dual docking station does more than just look good as it charges your hi-tech devices.

JVC also included a system that blocks out weak cellular signals and static that can affect the quality of music on the iPhone. The NX-PN7 dual docking station also eliminates issues with compatibility that are often a problem with many speaker docks. $149.99.

The JVC products below are circa 2009 so will now be classic docking stations.. Take a look at the offers currently available from Amazon for a more up to date view. Or go to eBay for your classic docking stations.

iPhone docking station and stereo
jvc ipod docking station

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