Just Swingin’: 10 Sublime Hanging Chairs

In emotional terms, the state of suspension can be a tense and terrible thing; not knowing where we stand is often a root cause of stress and anxiety.  In physical terms, though, suspension can be liberating; hence the plyometric benefits of Pilates, swimming, aerial silks and trapeze as fitness endeavors and the sublime sense of calm that comes with a float in the pool, tub or ocean.  To replicate that sense of freedom in our homes isn’t tough to do at all; with the addition of an air chair, a suspended egg seat or other iterations on the theme, we’re little more than grown-ups on our own personal swingsets.  Thus, behold today’s curation of 10 sublime hanging chairs.

hanging chairs
Tropicalia Cocoon by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso



hanging chair
The Cove by Outback Chair Company


swing chair
The Egg by Jørgen Ditzel Nanna



trapeze chairs
The Hanging Basket Chair from Fusion Home



hammock chair
Amazonas Brazil Hammock Chair by Byer of Maine



hanging cocoon chair
Ekorre Hanging Chair by IKEA



suspended chairs
Eureka Hanging Chair by Property Furniture



nest chair
Manu Nest Chair Made of Volcanic Rock



woven hanging chair
Melati Hanging Chair by Anthropologie



air chair
The Air Chair from Air Chair USA



Melati Hanging Chair found at Anthropologie.


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