Julia Chaise Longue Floats on Air and Recognizes Your Feelings

Chaise longues always suggest a comfortable seating solution, and that’s what we have for you today. The Julia Chaise Longue has an interesting design and a couple of interesting features. The Chaise Longue is made of corian, glass and stainless steel and comes with embedded RGB LEDs and sensors that will always recognize your touch and movements. That way the Julia Chaise Longue can tell you how you’re feeling by using different light and color patterns. Not to mention that its transparent glass support makes the whole thing look like it’s floating on top of the room. What do you say? Are you thinking about ordering one for home and one for work?

Chaise Longue 1.jpg
Julia Chaise.jpg

Julia Chaise Longue 3.jpg
Julia Chaise Longue 4.jpg
Julia Chaise Longue 5.jpg