The joy sofa sectional from Moradillo Tapizados encompasses the idea of an entire living room and includes it all in one couch.  Instead of the sofa playing just one part of a living room, the Joy sofa becomes the entire living space itself.  In fact, the Joy is less of a sofa and more of a conversation pit, a completely self-contained island for socializing and relaxing.  The huge modular pieces are like square building blocks that complete a puzzle in a thousand different ways.  The unique square ottoman piece can move in and around a configuration of edge and corner pieces with low-profile backrests that don’t restrict an open view of the entire space.


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Joy Sofa by Moradillo Tapizados

Colorful sectional sofa


The customization is virtually endless.  After all, if the Joy is to become your personal living space, it has to adapt to your daily lifestyle.  For more back support, taller backs or more substantial cushions are available on individual pieces.  The upholstery is chosen piece by piece, so that you can design a monochromatic theme or a complete patchwork of colors and prints.


casual sofa design

designers sofas


The casual look is inviting and lifestyle-friendly, whether one person is relaxing or the Joy serves as a perch for an entire party of friends.  Easy to move and rearrange, the Joy sofa is adaptable and dynamic, even after you’ve made your initial shape and color selections.  Bold, flexible, and always comfortable — that’s the Joy sofa.  Isn’t that what you want your living space to look like?