Regardless of what ideas come to your mind when you think about concrete benches, the Jonathan concrete bench won’t make you feel blue anymore.
The raw and innovative design from Bellitalia was intended to offer a constant aesthetic appeal to your home garden or business park, as well as making an exceptionally comfortable seating place for your family, guests or for waiting people.Although there are almost unlimited brands that offer exterior benches, the difference in quality, material and design are some of the main factors that pointed our attention on the Jonathan Bench. And when you think about quality and durability, concrete benches are something which instantly comes to your mind.

Unlike many might think, benches are not exclusively garden, patio or outdoor furniture in general, there are plenty of other places where these seating solution comes in handy. The front entrance is clearly one of the first choices for a bench, also waiting areas and more. This one-of-a-kind creation using a combination of concrete and metal interior is very interesting. This makes a great bench for public areas, gardens, large patios or any utilitarian space.Fresh and inviting design

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The clean lines of the concrete bench give it a fresh and inviting aspect. Even if hard materials have been used, like Ultratense concrete in white or charcoal gray with protective coating polished or brushed, Jonathan appears comfortable, though a little firm. These works of art can be installed anywhere easily because they are only made from two pieces combine together. The finishing is specially intended in such a way that the need for cleaning is minimized. This is the unique level of attention which you do not usually find with other benches.

Starting in the 60’s, a leader in the field of cement for construction, Bellitalia is an Italian company that puts the client on a pedestal, and this is how they gained their fame. Purchasing Bellitalia furniture means owning a unique piece. After more than 50 years of activity , the results are clearly visible and made the company becoming one of the most established, dynamic and original Italian company operating in the field of urban concrete and marble aggregate.