Combine a bit of retro styling from Vioski, sleek lines, and customization options, and what is the result?  It’s the James Desk, a workspace that encourages your productivity.  The openness and lightweight feel comes from the simple, right angle lines.  The desk portion itself is crafted to look like an effortless floating workspace, supported only by an unadorned vertical support.  A second, invisible support joins the desk with its other primary function beyond workspace: storage.


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James Desk


In contrast to the open desk, the storage cube anchors the James with a more solid presence designed as an easy and attractive place to keep your work essentials close at hand. Vertical and horizontal shelf space harmonizes with the use of negative space for a visually dynamic counterpart to eh minimalism of the desk. The geometric shapes and wood tones (shown here in the rich, golden Santos Rosewood) bring a reminder of a mid-century vogue.  The fresh take of the design and the customizable features make the retro inspiration completely contemporary rather than a tired cliché.  There is an undeniable energy about the graphic silhouette of the James by Vioski; the kind of energy that makes working at a desk not feel like work at all.


desk with storage


You’ll be able to exercise your creativity from the very beginning when you choose your custom storage configurations, size options, and wood finish.  With your personalized design, the James desk will become the place you want to be for inspiration and productivity.  Wouldn’t you like to have a little more creative energy in your life?