Inspired Storage: Wardrobe and Dressers by Lineas Taller

In a brilliant use of vertical space and custom elements, the studio of Lineas Taller created a collection of wardrobes and dressers to help you keep your life running a little smoother.  Streamlined and contemporary, the tall wardrobes and chic dressers are subtle background elements in your bedroom despite their significant size.  Visual simplicity is the key with each piece so that it doesn’t dominate the room even while it provides floor-to-ceiling storage options.


Wardrobe and Dressers by Lineas Taller

Sleek closet


If your goal is to outfit an entire closet with shelving, drawers, and hanging rods for a complete personal wardrobe, Lineas Taller’s wardrobe and dressers are ready to step in and adapt to your space with closed-door organization or an open closet concept.  Piece together shoe racks, tall and short hanging space for trousers and shirts, stacks of drawers, and tall shelving units to make the most of every inch when space is limited.


wardrobe & dressers

furniture design ideas


If a walk-in closet isn’t an option, the closed-door wardrobes keep all your personal items neatly hidden from view for a crisp and uncluttered look.  You can easily choose custom details to further blend the storage into your existing environment: mirrored door panels, decorative details and hardware, and a range of finish and paint options all ensure the perfect look for your modern bedroom, whether your closet is tucked away or prominently displayed as a wardrobe.  Keep your bedroom looking uncluttered and soothing while the Lineas Taller wardrobe and dressers keeps you organized.  Do you have a place for everything, or will these custom wardrobes improve your space?

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