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A paradigm of formal purity, Ras is sure to transform your bathroom. The designers at System Pool have merged versatility with avant-garde design to create products characterized by simplicity, aesthetic elegance, and adaptability to every type of space. You will love the shower trays’ clean lines, minimalist style, and usefulness. They are designed for modern bathrooms and blend contemporary style with traditional charm. Dynamic processes of workmanship ensure that each piece has a great balance of proportions.


The Innovative Ras Shower Trays by System Pool

contemporary sink with storage


Defined by a modular character, the Ras Shower Trays by System Pool offer a wide selection of configuration and possibilities. The basins and sinks are made from Krion while the hubcaps are made from white lacquer steel. Auxiliary furniture is also available for those who want to create a cohesive look in their bathrooms. The shower trays offer high functionality without losing their purified aesthetics. They can be used in residential and commercial spaces for both small and big projects. If you love space-saving furnishings, get one.


Ras Shower Trays by System Pool


Ras Shower Trays combine sensible storage with contemporary design. Some have large bases which offer ample storage for your grooming essentials while others have detached storage compartments. Choose the best fit for your home according to your specific preferences. The shower trays look stunning whether mounted on bare walls, tiled walls, or painted walls. They pay homage to style and comfort and will become focal points in bathrooms. They will make exquisite additions to your space and show off your excellent taste in modern furnishings.

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