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In the A&D field, when it comes to concepts most keep abreast with the current design continuum. While we are all for contemporary designs that satiate the needs of the consumer, we also covet designs that look beyond the functional and transform a hackneyed object to an object d’ art! This list not only highlights some of the coolest tables out there but also gives you a glimpse in what the design future may be.
The Amusity Table doesn’t believe in the rule that “silence is golden. The table is every audiophile’s delight since it features a user interface, which can play your entire music library. Designed by Idan Arbel, Amusity will keep you amused for hours.

amusity table.jpg

The Free Articulating Table top is all about style and luxury. Made of exquisite Swarovski Crystals, the tabletop can be swung to access a storage space. The patterns that seem to creep out of the table is a fantastic touch.

Free Articulating Table Top.jpg

Sports fanatics will really dig the Interactive Pong Table. When not used to eat meals, the table’s surface can be activated to indulge in some good old ping-pong. It features 2500 LEDs and includes a virtual paddle and ball.

ping-pong table.jpg

With the Plug-in Side Table, you don’t need to invest in a table or night-light. This one combines the goodness of a side table and a light and is the brainchild of designer Sung-Pil Hwang. Just plug in the table into a socket and you are good to go.

Plug-in Side Table.jpg

The LED Table will be able to illuminate any space in soothing shades of blue, red, green, white, yellow, pink and purple. The built-in controller allows you to choose colors options. You can purchase it from here for a whopping $6500.


This is what you will use if the Aliens ever come for dinner! The Egg Shaped Dining Table features a pneumatic system that allows for the sphere like dome to lift and go down. The table also has built-in lighting and is ideal for small spaces. Turkish designer Fatih Can Sarıöz is credited for this design.

egg dining pod table.jpg

A little fresh air goes a long way and that is the concept behind the Oxygen Of Green Table. The table has Tillandsias, also known as Air Plants on its surface, which will convert CO2 for some, much needed O2. You don’t have to worry about water ruining your carpet as Tillandsias doesn’t require soil or water to grow.

oxygen of green cocktail table.jpg

I am not your “go to girl” when it comes to cooking however the Green Cuisine Kitchen may just inspire me to brush up my culinary skills! Apart from looking super cool, the dining table features an interactive LED cook top and a Bokashi Composter that recycles organic waste!


The Communicative Coffee Table may lack all the fancy technology but we definitely need something like this in the future as at the art of communication is getting lost and we now prefer online networking. The grids on the tabletop can be used to write your thoughts or even initiate a conversation.

communicative tables.png

Going Green is a mantra we really believe in and hence the appreciation for the Garden Table, which may just be answer for the future environmental crisis. The tabletop has been designed to gather rainwater, which can further be used for harvesting plants. The table also includes a bird feeder and has been designed by Tithi, a London based designer.

garden table - tithi.png

The family that cooks together, stays together! Yes the Induction Cooking Table from LDI Aramis Herrera seeks to make cooking fun and comfortable! You can actually use the table as a cooking stove, which makes it really cool in our books.

Induction Cooking Table.jpg

The Ripple LED Table will keep you amused for hours! This interactive coffee table actually responds to your movements.


The “Big Time” table from Lee J Rowland is aimed at the rich and the famous. Apart from being shaped like a wristwatch on steroid, the table has a very futuristic and sleek LED display that tells the time! It can also display date seconds, temperature and even text!


Lets take a break from home products for a bit and see what the future may hold for desktop tables! Check out the ultra private the Eclipse Office Partitioning System, which is all about protecting personal space. Apart from the table, the system also features a task chair and integrated speakers.

Eclipse Office Partitioning System.jpg
eclipse table office furniture.jpg

It is clear that tabletops with cooking systems are the future! Here is yet another rendition of modern kitchen design concept and this one too is ideal for small families or singles. When you need to cook up a storm just slide out the tabletop and voila you have your own personal cooking counter. The Modern Kitchen Design Concept is the brainchild of Fevzi Karaman.

Modern Kitchen Design Concept by Fevzi Karaman.jpg

The iPad may be a disappointment but maybe Apple can redeem themselves by building a kick-ass tabletop like the one in the video below. Come on Apple you can do it!

Apple Touch Table Concept.png

Petr Kubik is the designer behind the “Future Dining Table” which includes hidden compartments to store and food and appliances. The table also acts like a refrigerator and the tabletop moonlights as a display so you can read your favorite content while cooking or eating.

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