pride lift chairs and recliners

Pride Lift Chairs

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They design pride lift chairs to help people that have challenges in mobility. As our physical body declines through natural aging or ailments, it can limit the ability to walk and get up.

Many people can walk fine, whereas others may need the use of an aid such as a walker or cane. More common than difficulty in walking is the challenge of getting oneself out of a sitting position such as that in a chair.

There is no greater joy than reading an excellent book in a comfortable recliner. The Tranquil Collection by VivaLift! Power Recliners combines quiet comfort with gorgeous fabrics for a rich and upscale look.

This is where Pride lift chairs can be of help. Pride offers motorized chairs that assist the individual by helping them get out of the chair. The motorized device raises the chair slowing from the back allowing the person to ease into an upright position. There is no reason not to enjoy the comfort of a recliner just because it is difficult to get out of it.

Most of us have experienced family members whose mobility has declined. It is important to create a friendly home environment where quality of life is maximized. None of us want to become dependent on the aid of others and small things, such as a Pride lift chair, can help us maintain that independence.

Many insurers consider this a medical device and thus, the costs can be covered under your insurance plan. A prescription from your doctor may be required by the insurer to show proof of a mobility limitation.

This may be a great benefit for your family and encouragement to help the loved one purchase a chair. Common complaints against getting a lift chair are costs or that the piece does not fit into the decorating style of the home.

Pride chairs come in many styles and colors so hopefully this can curtail that argument. If the insurer covers the cost, there is little reason to not get the chair. Hopefully, a chair can continue the family member’s quality of life and prevent injury that could be incurred from getting out of a chair that does not have such motorized assistance.

Get the support you need for your neck, shoulders and lower back as you dive into your favorite story. The Tranquil Collection exudes style and class with contrast stitching. It’s the perfect addition to your home.

  • Curbside delivery means the trucking service will park in front of your home and you move the product into your home. The driver does not assist with bringing product to the residence.
  • Product is delivered inside the home and placed in room of choice to main and/or second level (up or down). Items are unpacked, and packaging debris removed from your premises.
  • Items are assembled as needed (not to exceed 15 minutes) and powered up.

pride lift chairs and recliners
Pride ViVaLift Tranquil v.2 Infinite Lay Flat Lift Chair (PLR935M) with Inside Delivery and Setup Option (Astro Mushroom, Curbside Delivery)