“How Do I Look?” – 10 Insanely Luxurious Closets

It’s no secret that most ladies dream of the ultimate closet, be it for the whole enchilada of an entire wardrobe, or just a space dedicated to shoes. ┬áJust for fun, we’ve rounded up some of the most fantastic — and hyper-organized, for that matter — and insanely luxurious closets we could find, from a few celebrity abodes to custom jobs to ready-made closet kits installable via a reputable interior decorator (or a very determined do-it-yourselfer.) ┬áSome of these wardrobe spaces are so immaculate and visually compelling, they could actually serve as a living room or lounge, and from the looks of the clothes inside of them, maybe they do; in rooms like these with fashion like this, getting ready for a big night out is likely a very special event in and of itself.

luxurious closets
Pristine White Closet by Dream Closets Hawaii


luxurious closet
Attic Closet via The Estate of Things


luxurious wardrobe
Custom Closet by Hardwood Design Inc


hollywood closet
Hollywood Closet from Organizela


custom closet
Jackie Cherenza Closet Designs via National Closet Group


dream closets
Long & Lean Closet via BHG


luxury walk-in closet
Luxury Walk-In Closet by Crazy Closets


en suite wardrobe
Sleek En-Suite Wardrobe by Louisiana Custom Closets


blue closet
Blue Fashionista Closet by Tini Zine


carrie bradshaw closet
SATC Movie Set Closet by Marks & Frantz



Pristine white closet found at Dream Closets Hawaii.

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