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Remember that home made of concrete that looked, at least from the outside, very unfriendly, only to reveal an amazing interior filled with great furniture designs? Well today we have a somewhat similar home architecture for you. House 53 is the house in question and you’d definitely notice it when driving by. The House 53 has a completely unfriendly facade. In fact there isn’t much of a facade to enjoy since wood panels that also act as convenient blinds cover the whole home. The good news here is that this unusual facade design will completely protect your privacy so you’ll be hidden from curious eyes. Not to mention that it forces the sun to stay out too. Like always with these strange designs we have some great images of the interior. Too bad that once inside you won’t actually be able to enjoy the view, since those wood panels will also block you from looking out the window.

House 53 Facade Isn't Friendly But It Sure Guards Your Privacy
unusual house


futuristic house design
House53 4.jpg
House53 5.jpg
House53 6.jpg
House53 7.jpg
House53 8.jpg
House53 9.jpg
House53 10.jpg
House53 11.jpg
House53 12.jpg
House53 13.jpg
House53 14.jpg
House53 15.jpg
House53 16.jpg

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