Home Theater Reimagined: The Type I System by Verardo

With most of our evenings being spent behind a television, the need to have an area dedicated to Multimedia has become important now more than ever. When looking for a wall unit system which combines a minimalist modern design with top-notch technology, the Type I system by Verardo makes an excellent choice. Type I is a hanging wall unit featuring LED lights and an integrated audio system. The LED lights create a unique ambiance allowing you to relax as you watch your favorite programs or movies.


Home Theater Reimagined: The Type I System by Verardo


Type I system by Verardo is a contemporary wall unit that will enhance your home’s elegance while giving you the functionality you desire. Its brilliant design creates a comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere suited to any setting. The system’s high gloss finish gives it a classic look while its neutral color makes it soothing to the eye. Pair the wall unit with a matching sideboard or a coffee table and create a harmonious look in your living room. For a striking look, incorporate some furniture pieces with contrasting colors into your living room’s design scheme.


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This Multimedia system is all about sparkling sophistication. It flaunts a clean, minimalistic, modern design which shows functional details and recalls simple lines. Since you spend a lot of time in front of your TV, transform the area into a personal haven that appeals to everyone who walks into your home.


Don’t you think the Type I system by Verardo is just what you need to make your living room a mini theatre?

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