One-of-a-kind home spa cabin
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The one-of-a-kind home spa cabin, the Sweet Spa is a unique combination of shower and steam room that create the atmosphere of a true Spa at home.
Shaped by Starpool’s experience, SweetSpa accommodates up to two people and has revolutionized the concept of wellness. It is ideal to create a small spa area (2.5 meters wide) such as a bathroom at home, on a yacht or in an exclusive hotel suite. In addition, the unique design and various materials and finishes allow for a harmonious combination of the piece with the surroundings. The person behind this outstanding home spa is the Italian designer Cristiano Mino, a wellknown name in the design industry that over the years worked for Fiat, Alfa Romeo or Lamborghini.

double home spa cabin

Reinterpreting the steam bath philosophy, it introduces modern solutions and provides a high quality and charm creating a unique environment.Starpool managed to recreate the elegance and the functionality of a true SPA in less than 3 square meters.

starpool bathroom design

Winner of the Reddot Design Awards, Starpool’s cabin is the first professional home spa system of its kind that combines steam, music, aroma and colour therapy with body treatments.
With all sorts of functions and four special treatment programs, you will be able to enjoy the fantastic benefits of Sweet Spa every single day. Heat causes the body to get rid of toxins and impurities, and fatigue and stress are eliminated. Colorful light relaxes the mind, and natural scents relieve breathing.

One-of-a-kind home spa cabin

The cabin features “Breeze” – cold water turned into steam, mingled with mint aroma and delicate blue light and “Rain” – warm water, amber light and maracoa aroma can be mixed with four programs that differ in light, music and aroma, named: Relax, Tonic, Purify, Excite. So each time you can have a different shower experience based on your mood or on the way you feel and enjoy professional treatments without the help of a therapist.

Reddot Design Award furniture

small home spa