Home Libraries with Contemporary Edge

Are you an avid reader and needs lot of storage to hold all of your precious books? Or, are you a collector of books that have been passed down in your family for ages? Whatever the case, home libraries can be exciting additions to any home. And with the right kinds of organizational skills and style, it’ll become a quick favorite in the house. Let’s take a peek at some beautiful home libraries with contemporary edge and slick style.

Home Libraries with Contemporary Edge

This space not only has beautiful windows and natural lighting, but the high ceiling and white foundation give this library an open, free-flowing feel. It’s got eclectic details and modern edges. Who wouldn’t want to take a little break and catch up on their read in this room?

Modern Home Library

Another space with a beautiful, open plan – this room has a certain cozy appeal. There’s ample space to books created by a unique shelving system and the open windows make reading that more much inviting on a cold, rainy day. The spark of serene blue also helps for a tranquil feel.

Modern Home Library Design

If you can create this type of magic in your home, kudos to you. The slick, futuristic lounges and the shiny whites make for a super modern foundation. The clean shelves are contemporary and perfect for organizing your favorites and make them easy to find too!

modern bookshelves

Sometimes you don’t have an entire room to devote to your love of reading. Instead, you can devote a wall or a hallway. Take this idea as your inspiration. The shelves are funky and fresh acting as art for the walls, while the books are free roaming and ready to grab.

Home Library design ideas


This living room and home office space has such a suave and contemporary vibe. We love the combination of modern details with wooden, geometric shelves. Mixed media create more interest and again, it holds enough books to give you plenty of storage and room to organize.