Just like Pandora’s Box, it’s what inside this sideboard that matters.  The Pandora sideboard from Varenna Poliform is chic and simple, but holds a personalized secret behind each door.  Designer Jean-Marie Massaud created not one sideboard, but a collection of Pandora pieces that are all variations on the same basic principles.  A dark, rich wood finish on the exterior brings warmth to the sleek, low profile, and rectangular shape of the sideboard that rests on two runners for support.


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Pandora Sideboard by Poliform

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The variations of the Pandora sideboard by Verenna Poliform come in the façade, where the doors are set horizontally and vertically in different patterns to create visual interest.  The wood grain on the front of each door or drawer is set in the same direction, vertically or horizontally, for depth and texture.  The result is a subtle, simple design with plenty of storage and size options to adapt to your dining or living room.


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Inside the Pandora sideboard is a different story.  The unassuming, monochromatic exterior belies the surprise Massaud built into the inside panels.  When opened, the interior of each cabinet is painted in a bright shade that pops out in a splash of color.  You can choose from a wide range of colors to suit your personality and surprise anyone who looks inside.  The Pandora sideboards are a fantastic addition to any space thanks to their simple exterior that looks good anywhere, but each one still has a unique color inside that is all up to you.  Why not add a sleek, modern piece to your home with just a touch of excitement hidden behind its doors?