Hans J. Wegner’s CH 445 Wingchair

When it comes to Danish Modern furniture there is one name comes to mind as the father of the movement, and that’s Hans J. Wegner. Hans started his studio in 1943 and enjoyed much success and accolades as one of the worlds most renowned designers specializing in chairs.

In 1960 Wegner released his soon to be famous CH445 Wingchair in limited quantities. In 2006 Carl Hansen & Sons dusted off the blue prints and reintroduced the lounge chair to immediate success and awards at the IMM in Cologne, and the Copenhagen International Furniture Fair that same year.

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Today the wingchair is what Hans Wegner envisioned it to be and then some reaching true furniture icon status and a place in the homes and hearts of modern furniture lovers world wide.

According to Carl Hansen & Sons “we have worked with Wegner’s original drawings and some of the few pieces that remain from the sixties, when a smaller number of them were produced by hand.

And we’re proud to say that we have upheld the original construction and materials – including solid beech frames and hand-sewn piping – just the way that Wegner designed it.”

If you want furniture that will last in not only quality of construction, but style as well, the licensed modern classics are the way to go.

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