Haero Sofa from Alivar’s Classic Modern Collection

Quality furniture is not hard to spot when it looks as stunning as the Alivar collection of modern products from Italy. Here we see the classic Haero leather sofa from the Italian maker that is bold on its own, but certainly stand out even in the most detailed interior design schemes. Alivar’s Haero sofa features a brushed aluminum base that really compliments this classic look that sets it apart from all the imposters, and has a look others strive to duplicate. Special order: 12-16 weeks from IQ Matics 3 Seater 96.5″ W x 38″D x 24.5″H 2 Seater 82.3″ W x 38″D x 24.5″H 1 Seater 68.1″ W x 38″D x 24.5″H

sofas haero alivar furniture.JPG

furniture modern interiors alivar.JPG
chaise lounge haero leather alivar.JPG
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