Looking for a way to light up your interior space? Try the Greenhouse chandelier from Pottery Barn. It looks like an architectural piece and is built in the shape of a greenhouse rooftop. It is as practical as it is stylish and will fill your home with character. The chandelier provides direct light and is ideal for over work surfaces too and provides an industrial chic appeal to your interiors. It adds the right amount of elegance and makes formal spaces look fabulous.


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Greenhouse Chandelier by Pottery Barn

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Perfect for a dining area, the Greenhouse chandelier from Pottery Barn is one piece that belongs indoors. Place it over your dining table and make all your dishes look like gourmet meals. It is made from glass and iron and hangs from two 6 inch chains. It is finished by hand in iron with antique brass accents. You can use the chandelier indoors or in an enclosed area outdoors. It is quite impressive when it’s turned on. Its rustic materials make it a perfect piece for any eclectic room in your home in need of a strong centerpiece.


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The lighting in your dining area is important as it determines how you enjoy your meal. Whether you have a small, cozy dining room or a large one, the Greenhouse chandelier makes a perfect fit. It gives the space a warm and welcoming atmosphere you will simply love. When you see how it fills your home with a warm glow, you’ll be more than delighted with your purchase. How do you find the Greenhouse chandelier? Would you get one for your home?