Granny Wall Shelf Pays Homage To Doily Crochet 1
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Modern mavens may turn down their noses on any product that has the term “granny” in it but the Granny Wall Shelf surely deserves a second glance. A modern take on something as wholesome as the art of doily crochet making,the shelf not only pays an ode to a traditional art but is also a welcome blast from the past. Made from steel and not lace (obviously), the wall shelf is the brainchild of Beerd van Stokkum who has opted for classic colors like black and black. Having a length of 85 cm and a depth of 22.5 cm, the Granny Wall Shelf is even durable enough to use outdoors but personally given its intricate patterned design, I would love to showoff my favorite home accessories on it.