Gold And Diamond Cooking Pot For Luxury Kitchens!

There is luxury and then there is super luxury and the Fissler China Gold And Diamond Cooking Pot falls in the latter category. The cooking pot is no ordinary kitchen cookware, as it sells for a mind-boggling, wait for it – $587,500! Yes folks, that is no typo and this is what I call burning money. But to each to its own and I am sure the cooking pot will get many takers. So what makes this one so special? Well, for starters the pot is set in pure gold, fearers gold handles, a gold lid and is also adorned with 13 diamonds.
A spokesperson for Fissler China justifies the price by saying:
“Any buyer of this pot will get our top service. He/she would not only be invited to the top Michelin restaurant in Europe with ten of her/his friends, but also the company would deliver the pot to his/her address with a Rolls-Royce.”

Gold And Diamond Cooking Pot


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