Gloster Scoop Woven Patio Furniture 1
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Scoop is a new release from Gloster in their patio furniture line. Scoop features woven teak patterns criss-crossed across the frame of the chair or table. I find that woven chairs are more comfortable since the weave gives a little bit when sat upon. That extra give provides more cushioning for prolonged seating. The darker stain looks much like the color of coconuts drawing upon its island theme. The scoop is named from the shape of the chair in the back and seating area. You can see where it is concave providing a place for the body to nestle into. I like the angle of the chair backs as I prefer a more relaxed posture in patio seating as opposed to a more upright angle. Available at Frontgate.
Lounge Chair – $1,050; Small table – $630; Ottoman – $420.

Gloster scoop woven patio furniture.JPG