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The new Lyra Digital Jukebox by Wurlitzer will the perfect gift for the discerning audiophile. Designed to be a mesh of technology and design, the audio system keeps up with all the current technological advances made in the audio industry. The Lyra features ADAM ART technology which with the on board 200watt rms amplifier , integrated active 10″ subwoofer and studio quality speakers results in superlative audio performance. The Lyra tallows you to listen to your favorite radio stations and stream live music online thanks to the on abroad Ethernet LAN, WLAN. Other features include; two USB interfaces, 320GB hard drive, t 15″ touchscreen interface, a memory card reader and a CD/DVD burner. In case the Lyra has piqued your interested, then head over hereto to order it.

Gift Ideas -  Digital Jukebox by Wurlitzer

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