Do you keep tossing and turning at night or wake up with a backache? It’s time you replaced your old bed with the Como bed by Alfemo. It’s a gorgeous piece made using high quality materials and the latest production processes and will ensure you sleep in absolute comfort. You’ll love its modern style which is simple yet luxurious.


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Get a Good Night’s Rest with the Como Bed by Alfemo


The Como bed by Alfemo has a leather headboard and is upholstered in several areas. It has a chest of drawers with a compartment for special accessories. The headboard is joined to a wood panel that holds the chest of drawers and a couple of shelves. The drawers are equipped with bluemotion rail system for smooth sliding. They have a high storage capacity and will excellently hold all your essentials. They have a flat top where you can place your pictures, flowers, novels, or sunglasses. The small shelves on the side of the furniture provide extra storage and are ideal for those with many collectibles.


leather upholstered headboard


Most of us spend ⅓ of our lives sleeping so our bed dictates how we wake up the next day. A good sleeper gives you a restful night ensuring you wake up bright and cheerful. Since your night determines how productive you are the following day, it is important to get the right bed. The Como bed by Alfemo perfectly combines style and function giving you the best of both worlds. It is all you need to be productive. Are you in the market for a new bed, the Como could be the perfect solution, yes?