Garden Office, A Cubical for Work in a Tranquility Oasis

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Are you a person that works from home on a regular basis? Then, instead of trying our space-saving office solution why not “plant” your office in your garden? The Garden Office in the images below is definitely a daring concept, which will make working from home a lot more interesting. Shaped almost like a regular cubical, the Garden Office offers you the possibility of taking coffee breaks right in your own back yard while also giving you the feeling that you’re leaving to work every morning and coming back from work every evening. The Office has plenty of open spaces that will let you enjoy your garden while working and it’s pretty easy to build. Before hiring your architect friends to build it for you, make sure you actually have a tranquility oasis / garden to go to work to every day.

home Office 1.jpg
Garden small Office 2.jpg

Garden Office 3.jpg
Garden Office 4.jpg
Garden Office 5.jpg
Garden Office 7.jpg
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