Futuristic Bathtub Taps by Dornbracht that will Blow Your Mind

Futuristic Bathtub Taps by Dornbracht

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I found these futuristic bathtub taps from the Elemental Spa collection by Dornbracht to be exceptional.  If you want something that will blow your mind and dazzle your guests, then these are the products for you.  Contemporary design is all about innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is considered normal and acceptable.

I like to think beyond that and see what the human mind can come up with.   The first takeaway for me was how the Elemental Spa collection makes water the focus of attention.  I had imagined something like this on a decorative fountain, and not hardware to conduct water for a bath.

The above product is the KATA which is intended to be wall mounted.   A nice feature here is the home owner can decide where to mount it and therefore change the appearance of where the water flow begins.   If you look closely you will also see a handy wand for bathing that is streamlined and tucked off to one side.  That is a feature I always look for as it makes rinsing so much easier.  The white tub would create quite a contrast in a darker themed bathroom.

Here is more of a close up view where you can really see the detailing on the Kata.  What a wonderful profile it makes once affixed to a wall.

Above is pictured the ITA which features a single handle and smaller flow of water.   I can also see this working well for just a wash basin so that you can pair up a similar set in a bathroom design.  The water just looks effortless as it trickles down into the basin.   Now imagine if the color were something brighter say a red or sage green?

That would really change up the appearance and make the room so much more dynamic.   That is a reason I am drawn to these futuristic bathtub taps by Dornbracht so that I can get very bold in my own room creation.

Now this a nice unit that is not mounted to a wall.  This is called the NOTA and is another product that would go well with a sink or has the flexibility to go with a tub.