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The first thing you’ll notice about Play is its distinctive look. The stylish storage piece is designed by Antoine Phelouzat for Movisi and is made up of elements which interlock beautifully. The elements create a look similar to that of a jigsaw puzzle when joined together. They are linked via snap-fitting technology and don’t require any screws, glue, or tools during installation. Play can be used in both commercial and residential settings and looks good anywhere. With just three elements, you can create a continuous variety of configurations and modify them as often as you want.


Play Modular Shelving by Movisi

light weight contemporary shelving units


If your home has rooms you’d like to partition, get Play Modular Shelving by Movisi. You can use it to create complete room dividers with partitions to walk through. You can also create single elements and entire landscapes. Configuring the units is easy and takes a short amount of time. Play is made from expanded Polypropylene and is totally harmless. Safe for the environment and you, it does not cause allergic reactions or emit harmful substances. It is a good shock absorber and is 100% recyclable. Its units are light in weight and make it easily portable. The shelving unit comes in three colors: white, black and magenta. However, other colors can be provided on demand if you’d like to match your favorite decorative color in your interiors.


wall modular shelving system

contemporary Shelving system


Whether you use shelving units to store your favorite collections and latest bestsellers or to partition rooms, Play will come in handy. It is incredibly lightweight and made to last for ages. It is just what you need for your home. What’s your favorite feature about Play Modular Shelving?