Fred : The Modern Room Humidifier by Swizz Style 1
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There is no reason to live with the ill effects of a dry climate, or the unattractive appearance of a bad looking humidifier. As we heat of homes the relative humidity falls and our furniture, plants, and our skin all suffer as a result. The FRED Modern Room Humidifier from Swizz Style changes this all with a nice soothing steam bath and levels off the humidity in our surroundings making us comfortable again. FRED is clean and safe because the steam is free of minerals and bacteria, and stands steady with metal plated feet and has an automatic shut-off featuring triple security. 150 Watt (eco), 300 Watt (standard) 14.3″ W x 10.5″ H x 14.3″ D 2 Gallon Per Day Output Available in Silver, Red, Green, and Black
Fred : The Modern Room Humidifier by Swizz Style