12 Framed Bathroom Mirrors Designs and Ideas

Mirrors are a necessity in the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a bit of style and pizzazz. Instead of going with simple function, look for ideas with personality that fit within the theme of the space. From contemporary to Victorian inspired, there are so many routes to take when deciding on these accents for your newly decorated or renovated bathroom. And that’s why we’ve compiled a quick list of framed bathroom mirrors that show off a variety styles and ways to use them in your personal space. What’s great about all of these choices are that they help transform the room into one’s vision without taking away from the functionality of the piece. Let’s have a look!


Amalfi Round framed bathroom mirrors

Modern and chic, this piece has a geometric theme that is right on trend at the moment. It would look great over a large vanity, in a classic black and white lavatory. Whether it’s the guests’ space or in your own master suite, its big and bold enough to make the statement you need with sophistication and timeless style. And it also acts as a piece of art for the wall!

black modern framed bathroom mirrors

This Victorian styled set matches the rest of the bathroom’s decor seamlessly. With the black and white color combination, it has a great mix of old age finesse and contemporary appeal, and the way the pieces fit together help keep that same theme flowing throughout. It has a delicate, yet powerful and feminine flair that works great for a lady that appreciates history and style.

blue glass framed bathroom mirrors

The addition of this chunky, royal blue idea completely reinvigorates this floor plan. Without that pop of color the space would still be clean and a bit hipster, but with the accent it creates a much more interesting and personalized theme. Of course, any other bold colors would give an extra pop of pizzazz such as cherry red, lime green or even a bright mango orange.

brown framed bathroom mirrors

If you have a lot of space think about using multiple mirrors to fill of the wall. Of course, in this particular vanity area you could choose one, very large model but instead three panels were chosen to create three separate stations, which is perfect for couples! And this room has a very clean and contemporary feel without too much fluff, perfect for a minimalist.

contemporary framed bathroom mirrors with light

For a more futuristic feel, take a look at this framed idea with a lighted option. It gives off a great glow and very warm, yet posh finish to the decor. We love this look for a guest bathroom as it’s very quaint and sleek. Have you ever shopped for a light fixture?  It can be so hard to find the right one.  By combining those two elements as in this picture you can save a lot of time.

designer framed bathroom mirrors

Here’s another beautiful example that can easily act as wall art as well. We love the three dimensional element this piece has and its powerful, feminine quality wrapped up in the patterned frame. It fits the space well and accents the floating sink without taking away from the modern, “wow” element of the entire area.

framed bathroom mirrors with backlights

This example too has a very futuristic feel. Because of its size, it would be a great addition to a smaller guest lavatory, but also fits well within a master suite that doesn’t have as much of an area flow. In this specific room, it contrasts very well with the black walls and coordinates even better with the white foundation of the sink and shower.

hardwood framed bathroom mirrors

Are you inspired by a more rustic and cozy style? Then look no further! This suggestion has rustic charm built right into its wood accents and foundation. And make sure you pay attention to the vanity’s mirror, framed in wood which matches the cabinets around the space. Although it’s bare of color, this interior design serves the purpose of creating a very cabin like them in the home.

pink framed bathroom mirror

Here’s another great example of a very feminine design and set of decor. This can fit right into a master bath that has a lot of extra space but it also serves as a separate vanity area for getting ready in the mornings. This mirror meshes right into the hanging cabinet and desk area with ease and delicate style. The bubblegum pink serves its purpose for creating a more youthful experience – this set would be great for your teen!

round framed bathroom mirror

We love the chicness and simplicity of this space. We also love the mixed material look between the tiled accent wall and wood cabinets. Then add the round, modern reflecting glass and you’ve got a complete and welcoming space for your guests or yourself to enjoy. The blending of interior design themes in this room is unique and gorgeous, and the mirror only helps in the transformation.

white framed bathroom mirrors

This entire room is built of straight lines and a very contemporary feel. But, the white, detailed mirror brings about an extra bit of charm, daintiness an femininity to the space making it a more personalized experience. Of course, it would bode well dipped in a great color like plum or teal, but the white keeps the minimalistic theme while the curling accent gives it an extra bit of personality.  The round vanity does break the feel of perfect squares and softens the geometry of the design