For the Moment: 10 Fun Pieces of Removable Wall Art

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For those of us who aren’t necessarily living in our “forever” homes, it can become somewhat critical to leave as light a trace of our time spent in the rental homes in which we’re dwelling, so as to minimize the irritation of moving on once it’s time to go.  In instances where leaving behind wall anchors, nail holes and the like simply isn’t an option, the vinyl industry has seen a need and found all sorts of brilliant ways to address it — namely, through removable wall art.  From individual decals that create patterns when used en masse to simple iconographic statement pieces that stand proudly on their own in the middle of a blank wall, these decor choices aren’t for shrinking violets by any means.  They are, however, for the fickle, the fanciful and the fleeting, so feast your eyes on these temporary visual stimuli before they’re gone.

10 Fun Pieces of Removable Wall Art


birdcage decals


botanical vinyl wall art


1980s wall art


cool flying bird art


iconography for walls


london skyline wall art


beach inspired decor


tulip decals


orange wall art



Palm tree art found at 3rd Avenue Shore.

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